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Construction & Addition Services

Expand your home by enlarging an existing room for an specific area of your house or just generally adding square footage to the entire house overall. The most common reasons are adding specific rooms like: Addition of a Master suite, bedroom, closet and master bathroom, or adding an office and bonus room to one side of the house. The options are endless, we combine them to give you the utmost desired goal, perhaps you want to Enlarge the living room and relayout the space with the kitchen or just relayout the entire house, let us guide you.

You have a new lot or area available in your land and don't know where to start? We guide you and Handle step by step through all the process, from Paperwork submission, permits, Designs, blueprints and construction; The first step is definitely to meet the contractor to create a Project Goal, budget and how to approach the legal permits to be submitted to the city, soon the fun part starts, while we handle the paperwork for you, you will meet the Designer and engineer to create a visual of your project and start designing it to your satisfaction, by choosing colors, materials and fixtures. We work only with homeowner residential homes. Single or duplex family dwelling units, multiple stories or one story, House or Accessory units like, Guest house ADU, Garages, Bonus room, Pool house, storages etc. Don't hesitate, we are a one stop shop, call us now.

 This category is solely for Existing buildings to be converted into another "occupancy", Whole building or partially areas of the existing structure. Let us explain: You would like to convert part of your House into a granny unit/ junior guest house or storage, or the most popular right now, converting your garage into a full apartment unit/ADU with its own address and utilities for rental income purposes or for your guests. You can convert your storage, bonus room, sun room, patio etc into anything. It all depends on your city's ordinances allowances, building codes and budget desired to target your project's goal. We are here to help, get a consultation today

New construction,

Addition & ADUs